Difference Between Hot Reload and Hot Restart in Flutter

There is not a huge difference between the hot Reload and Hot Restart.

Hot Reload

Hot Reload is one of the greatest features of the Flutter framework. In-app building, it takes a lot of time to run the code even with small changes but due to hot reload it’s very easy now. We can just refresh our app screen just with a single button and infractions in milliseconds just like we do in web development.

Hot Restart

This feature also has some advantage while building/Running the whole project from scratch and which take lots of time this feature is a bit better then. It doesn’t take so Longer than a full restart like some major changes and then we use Hot Restart and go.

Hot reload and hot restart
This is what both of them look like.

Difference Between Both of them (Hot Reload and Hot Restart in Flutter)

The major difference in both of them is when we call hot reload it only re-runs the build method. Any changes in between the Build method even if it is just a value change or a rendering component change. For example, the Height of a container got changed. Then the instant change will reflect in the output.

But if we are changing something outside of the build method then there is a Hot restart required. Like if we change something in the initState() function in the stateful widget or we change the root widget from stateless to stateful widget then Hot reload will not work. Then there is a need of Hot restart.

But If we add new dependencies or add new assets to the project. And even add new fonts then there is a need for Full restarting of the app.

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